Evapolar Evachill Portable Conditioner

The Evapolar evachill portable conditioner is perfect for cooling your personal space whether it’s at your desk or by your bedside. You can feel cool and refreshed for about $100. 

The Evapolar evachill portable conditioner is actually a three-in-one device that cools humidifies and even claims dust particles from the air giving it exceptional value for the price.  The six and a half-inch square cooler barely takes up any space and it’s completely portable with a built-in carry handle so you can easily take it from room to room. 

It has a USB port and you can use a power bank giving almost unlimited options and where you can use it including in the backyard poolside picnics and even camping.

It’s definitely a convenient way to control your personal microclimate after about 45 square feet for added Comfort.  While cheaper USB fans just blow the same hot air back at you, the Evapolar Evachill has its own cooling system so you can actually enjoy cooler making it perfect for the summer nights.

The LED lighting is really soothing especially by the bedside keeping your cool while you sleep since it runs whisper quiet. It uses a tank of water in the form of evaporation to cool the air. 

There’s no pump to move the water and instead use a cartridge that sucks up water using capillary action. Their different speed modes suit handy for different uses from low, medium, high and even turbo fan mode.

Each cartridge will last anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on use and additional cartridges cost about $30. The Evapower Evachill is a great way to control your personal space so it’s cool and comforting and the fact that it’s so portable and can be powered by USB power bank means you can be cool just about anywhere. 


  • Portable. easy to carry around
  • A big water tank that operates up to 9 hours
  • Elegant design that fits with any furniture
  • Comes with Evabreeze filter that prevents bacteria grow on the filter
  • Leakage proof system. 


  • Portable
  • Built-in filter for cleaner air
  • A air-conditioner for under $100
  • Low running cost


  • Not suitable for big rooms
  • It gets noisy at higher speed 
  • Need to refill water if it’s used for long hours


The EvaPolar eveCHILL is a small, lightweight air chiller. By soaking a filter cartridge in water and then blowing a fan over it, evaporation cools the air. This humidifies and purifies the air while cooling and humidifying it. It is designed for small rooms and offers a cooling area of about 45 square feet. When it’s pointed straight towards the individual who needs cooling, it works best.


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